How To Get The Most Out Of Your Real Estate Agent


When hiring a real estate agent, it’s important that you find someone that you can work well with over a period of time, someone with great credentials and someone that you’ll be able to trust. Hiring an agent is about more than their numbers, but rather the satisfaction of past customers. Here are some tried and tested ways to get the most out of your real estate agent.

Ask Questions
When you’re hiring a real estate agent, you’ll want to dig a little deeper.  Sure, the prospective agent might have impressive listings under their belt, but find out how long each of those listings stayed on the market and you’ll have a better idea of customer satisfaction.

Avoid Pocket Listing
Pocket listing is a tactic employed by many real estate agents which allows a seller to ask a higher price, but it only exposes your listing to a very limited buyer pool. If a pocket listing is suggested, it’s best to avoid this.

Be Realistic
All homeowners want more than their home is probably worth, and all homebuyers want to pay less wherever possible. It’s easier for your real estate agent to do his/her job when you are realistic about the market and value of your home or prospective home. When you think your asking price is set in stone, your home will be on the market longer.

Find an Agent Privy to Your Neighbourhood
Has your real estate agent got any experience with the neighbourhood that you’re looking at? If not, it’s probably best to look elsewhere. Experience is an important part of buying or selling a home, and neighbourhoods vary greatly.

Study The Market
Yes, you’re hiring someone so that you don’t have to do the dirty work, but it’s still advisable to be familiar with the market. Otherwise how will you know whether or not you’re getting what you should be? Pay attention to houses in your desired area to see what the going rate tends to be and you’ll have a better idea of what you should hold out for.


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