3 Affordable Tips to Beef-up Security on your Home

Protect your house and your loved ones.

If the cost of high-tech security systems are currently out of your budget, here are 3 affordable tips you can do to beef-up security in your home before the weekend is over.

Tip #1: The first tip has probably never crossed your mind but will instantly help your doors be more secure. Most contractors install the strike plates on the door frames with only the half inch screws that come supplied with the lock. These screws are easily removed with one kick by a potential burglar.

Install 4 inch screws in their place that go through the door frame and into the framing of the house. Potential thieves will get tired of kicking long before they get into your house! In the picture below, you can see the difference between the screw supplied with the door hardware and a 4 inch screw. If a burglar is thwarted in their initial plan and needs to expend a lot of effort and risk alerting neighbours by making a lot of noise, they will most likely move on to an easier target.





Tip #2: The majority of people keep their car or house keys by the front door and their garage door openers attached to the car visor for all to see. Though it may be tempting to store an extra house key under the flower pot or the front door mat, be aware, those are the first places a burglar will look.

Place spare keys and garage door openers where potential burglars can’t see them or come across them by chance. Secure your keys in a hidden cabinet or drawer and keep your garage door opener in the glove box. By keeping keys and openers out of plain sight, you reduce the risk that a burglar will get easy access to your home.

Tip #3: Light up the house. It is a statistical fact that burglars are less likely to rob your house if they’ll be seen breaking in. Make sure all your entry points are well-lit.

If you’re worried about your hydro bill, switch your outdoor lighting to energy (and cost) saving LED bulbs. LED lights not only save on energy, but in the summer they will have the added benefit of not attracting bugs. Your entrances will be insect free.

These 3 ways will help your home more secure and perhaps prevent a burglary.