Anna Powell from RE/MAX Reality Services Inc in Brampton, Ontario sent out this urgent news bulletin on her Facebook wall yesterday, March 13, 2016.

To my fellow female REALTORS. There is a shady character acting as a buyer, East Asian, husky built in his late 30, early 40’s. He requested a meeting with me, as late as possible, on Friday. While looking for properties on the computer, he suggested we take a drive to Caledon, in his car, so he can show me exactly the type of home he is looking for. I shortened the meeting and politely showed him out the door.He commented that the office was empty and I quickly pointed in the direction of the cleaning crew. I remained in the office for few minutes and upon coming out of the office at 9:30pm, I noticed a van and someone sitting in it. Leaving the empty parking lot, I was followed by the same van. I was able to do some creative driving to get him off my tail. Just learned of similar incident re-occurred with another agent at Remax office. Please ladies, be careful, no deal is worth it. Safety first.

Since this went live on Facebook, many female Realtors have reported experiencing similar scares with someone fitting the description. Please be careful and call the police to report anything suspicious.


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