How to Refresh Your Yard: 4 Ideas for the Outside of your House

Whether you want to boost your curb appeal for resale or just to get the most out of your home, your front and back yards are key places to be spending your money this year.  Here are four ways to get the most out of your outdoor spaces.


1. Create Green Spaces

Imagine pulling up to two different houses – one is surrounded by a vibrant, luscious lawn and another with a drab, brown yard.  Which is the one you’d want visit, much less live in?

Does this curb appeal work for you?

Does this curb appeal work for you?

That’s right, we all want the home surrounded by a beautiful, green lawn.  Here are some tips to get your yard on the right track:

  • Get the yard ready by removing any weeds, rocks, or any other things in the way of getting the beautiful green you seek.
  • Take a rototill to the top layer of dirt, and when that has been sufficiently loosened, place a high-quality setting soil on top.
  • When the yard has been prepared, put down a layer of sod or seed the area.
  • Tend to your yard frequently – water it once a week.
  • You’ve treated yourself to a nice lawn, so make sure to treat it back – feed the area bi-annually with some fertilizer.


Once you’ve got your grass greener and your yard looking ship-shape, add some areas of green elsewhere.  For example, you can add a splash of green to your patio by putting down a faux grass rug.

2. Plant Trees

Trees can really give a breath of fresh air (pun intended) to a yard.  If you have a lot of open space and your yard isn’t too cluttered already, planting a few trees might just be what the doctor ordered.


Here are some tips if you intend on planting trees:

  • Plant trees that are 3-5 years old. That way, it’s not too old to be a bad investment but not so young that it won’t look like anything for a while.
  • If you’re not a tree expert, consider hiring a professional landscaper. They will ensure that the tree is placed in the best location to ensure its growth and prosperity.
  • Do your research. There are many things to consider when choosing a tree: its growth rate, its size once fully grown, and how much maintenance and care it will require.  Choose the tree that best suits your lifestyle and yard – obviously smaller yards should have smaller trees, for one thing.

You might also want to consider other perks of tree-planting, such as if they bear edible fruit.  Of course, such things also take more effort and care.

3. Create an Outdoor Living/Entertaining Space


Outdoor living areas are all the rage right now, and for good reason!  Take advantage of the warm weather by having a space where you can sit back, relax and spend time with family and friends.  There are many different ways you can add this kind of space to your yard.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Create a grouping of various seating options around a specific area, such as a table, fireplace or cleared-out section of the yard.
  • Upcycle old benches or pallets by adding pillows for extra comfort.
  • Choose the positions of your seating wisely – have some in the shade but also place some lounge chairs in the sun to purposefully create a relaxed vibe.
  • Add a few small outdoor tables in key locations to make it easier to bring out food and drinks for yourself or your guests.
  • Hang a hammock. You can never go wrong with a hammock.

Make sure that whatever space you create is suited to your specific purposes and both functional and stylish.

4. Add Lighting


Here’s an area where you can really be creative.  There’s no point in having beautiful landscaping and fantastic outdoor living spaces if you can’t see them.  Some ideas for adding some interesting lighting fixtures to your yard include:

  • Use solar-powered lights – not only is it eco-friendly, but it saves you the inconvenience and eye-sore of wires and cords.
  • Hang stringed twinkle lights in various locations to create an ethereal ambiance. They can go across the roof overhang for your patio or porch, up trellises, around trees and anywhere else you can think of!
  • Put lights around paths or other places people may be moving from one area to another.
  • Incorporate lights into plants and ponds and other unique areas.
  • Consider fire pits (if allowed) and outdoor fireplaces.

With these tips, your yard will be everything you want and more!